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10% of proceeds from all workshops is donated to organizations doing great work in the fields of social and environmental justice.

Tao Tantra Tea TIME

This is a free, fun & informative tea-time conversation about Tao Tantric Arts. We explore the topic of Sacred Sexuality in Taoist and Tantric traditions, and discuss practices such as the Jade Egg, MultiOrgasm, Injaculation, the MicroCosmic Orbit, and more. Curious? Bring your questions for Q&A!

Learn about practices for cosmically expansive love-making - yes, THAT big!!! We are all born with this capacity - in fact, born of it. Sexual energy is the energy that creates life, it is our common language with Divinity. Tao Tantra is a wondrous gateway to:

  • Recognize shame-based social conditioning around sexuality, and how it impacts us
  • Upgrade from patterns of contraction/disassociation to conscious, highly expanded experiences of pleasure 
  • Heal from past sexual trauma 
  • Gain inner freedom and openness to fully embrace, explore and enjoy our sacred, creative life force energy 

Tao Tantra is a treasure chest of tools and techniques to channel sexual energy for vitality, creativity, expanded pleasure and divine bliss. YUM! This is a path for experiencing life in totality - what Tantra is all about.


Tao Tantra Inner AlchemY 4-part series

Part 1 - Inner Smile

Part 2 - 6 Healing Sounds

Part 3 - Microcosmic Orbit

Part 4 - Jade Egg Initiation for Women/Cultivating Sexual Energy for Men

This series covers the foundational practices that prepare us for sexual energy cultivation. Through Tao Tantra we experience healing, increased sensation, immense pleasure, and expanded orgasms. It is a pathway to experiencing the fullness of life - merging the sensual and sexual with the sacred.

Part 1, The Inner Smile: A simple yet powerful meditation for cultivating radiant health and vitality. 

Part 2, The 6 Healing Sounds: An alchemical process that uses sound vibration to clear negative emotions and stress related to each organ system.

Part 3, The Microcosmic Orbit: The primary energy channel in the body through which we circulate, refine and distribute chi.  

Each of these three meditations is a transformative, Inner Alchemy practice. They are a comprehensive self-care system for radiant health, balance and well-being. Through the practices, we develop internal awareness, an essential tool for Tao Tantra. This foundation prepares us to skillfully cultivate, circulate and sublimate sexual energy.

  • Develop a sense of internal awareness in the body
  • Revitalize the internal organs, glands, nervous system and the bones
  • Access the elements of nature to understand human nature
  • Harmonize yin and yang (feminine and masculine) energy
  • Increase capacity to conduct and contain chi

Part 4 of this series is a Jade Egg Initiation for women. For men, it is a Cultivating Sexual Energy workshop. (These gender classifications are based on physical anatomy, rather than gender identity. Non-binary options are available as well as private Jade Egg Initiations for men. Please inquire for more details.) 

Jade Eggs have been used for thousands of years to channel sexual energy for health, vitality, and blissful, conscious love-making. Please see more about the Jade Egg practices below.

Cultivating Sexual Energy for Men is an introduction to the specific physical and energetic practices for MultiOrgasm. This special workshop covers practices for separating orgasm and ejaculation - the path to expanded, full body orgasms. These techniques were historically guarded as secrets to increase longevity, now recognized as scientifically proven Chinese Medicine methodologies.

  • Enhance intimacy and expand pleasure
  • Find deeper soul connection with self and partners
  • Experience transformative healing 
  • Develop MultiOrgasmic potential


Jade Egg & Healing Love

Artwork by Olivia Augusta

Artwork by Olivia Augusta

Tao Tantric Arts bring us into harmony with nature, and our bodies, where sexual energy is recognized as what creates life and revered as sacred. Taoist sexual practices help us to embrace and cultivate life force energy for vitality, creativity and spiritual awakening. This energy that creates life is our common language with Divinity. 

The Jade Egg is a beautiful healing crystal used internally. It was originally taught in ancient China to women in the Imperial court.

Jade Eggs are used to channel sexual energy for health, vitality, creativity, and blissful, conscious love-making. Women experience these benefits and more:

  • Healing from past negative sexual experiences
  • Increased overall vitality, sexual health and sensitivity

  • Expanded pleasure for both partners - increased libido and orgasmic potential 

  • Reduced symptoms of menstruation and menopause 

  • Build a healthy relationship to the body and to sexuality

  • Tones, strengthens and develops refined articulation of the yoni


Artwork by Autumn Skye

Artwork by Autumn Skye

Sacred Cacao 5-Element Dance Ceremony

Sacred Cacao Dance Ceremony is a guided 5-Element dance journey of heart-opening. We gather, drink medicinal cacao elixir, and set intentions. Embodying the 5 elements through dance, we celebrate our totality. We open our hearts to heal through creative physical expression. Our cacao-powered intentions and playful dancing feet carry us through the elements of Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Ether, calling in the qualities of each element to nourish and support our transformation and self-realization. 

What people are saying about Cacao Ceremony:

"It was an amazing expression of freedom and release." 
-Gabriela C.

"It was incredibly powerful and beautiful...such a safe space for healing and celebration. Wow wow wow is all I can say and I look forward to many many more!"  
-Sarah W.

"Rachel's Cacao Ceremony was vibrant, deeply spiritual, emotionally alive and peaceful at the same time. I loved how the music flowed through all of us..."  
-Lois T.



We are blessed with Earthly treasures to give and receive Divine pleasure. Engaging the senses brings us into present moment awareness. When the busy mind is quieted, we can expand the subtle, blissful capacities our sensory organs are designed to experience -  from this sublime state, we embody samadhi.

This is an opportunity for exquisite surrender to pleasure, a playful journey of sensorial deliciousness including tantalizing treats, intoxicating aromas, sacred soundscapes, tingles, tickles, and more.

No partner required, all participants explore both giving and receiving an array of delicacies for each of the senses. Experience the distinct pleasures in each role, and the glorious feedback loop where the enjoyment of Delightor and Delighted merge. Leave with creative inspiration, feeling deeply connected and re-sensitized in your miraculous Body of Bliss. Ahhhhhh...

Earth - Water - Fire - Air - Ether

All participants both give and receive massage in all 5 Elements, increasing fluency in different styles of sacred healing touch.


In classical Tantra, the full spectrum of matter to spirit is explored through the physical body and the senses. 5-Element Tantric Massage covers basic theory and practical techniques in the beautiful, non-verbal language of touch, using 5 types of massage, based on the qualities of each element.

Benefits include:

• Increased vocabulary of touch

• Wider ranges of sensation and pleasure

• Refined communication skills

• Improved relationships through understanding of elemental properties and how they show up in human nature

We practice how to give and receive supportive, evolutionary feedback in a safe space. Ideal for both couples and individuals, no partner required.

Embody and experience each element, from the most dense (Earth), to the most subtle and sublime (Ether). No experience or equipment required, we practice Thai style, on "cozy stations" (yoga mats and blankets), with clothes on.


"The massage techniques are playful and enjoyable for both parties. How I feel afterwards is much better than when I started. Transformational."
-Henry L.

"I really enjoyed exploring the qualities of the 5 Elements in new ways. Expanding the vocabulary and sensory experiences for my partner and I gave us an opportunity for deeper intimacy."
-Brynn W.


Tao Tantra Healing Love: 
Multi-Orgasm & the Microcosmic Orbit

What does it mean to be MultiOrgasmic? Get answers and insights from the ancient wisdom of Taoist Sacred Sexuality. In this experiential workshop, we debunk myths and discover what multi-orgasm means, talk about expanded, wave/valley and full-body orgasms, and open the MicroCosmic Orbit.

This practice is the foundation of all the Tao Healing Love practices. The MicroCosmic Orbit is the primary energy channel for circulating and sublimating sexual energy in the body and into the higher spiritual centers. Based on the teachings of Master Mantak Chia, founder of Universal Healing Tao and author of The MultiOrgasmic Woman, The MultiOrgasmic Man, The MultiOrgasmic Couple.

"Feel My Heart-On" Cuddles and Consent CozyClass

This playshop is for anyone who enjoys cuddles, and wants to practice or refine their consent-oriented communication skills. It is a transformational workshop that gives us tools to operate at "maximum-high-level-pleasure factor" in daily life. 

We hear the phrase "Consent is Sexy" all the time, how do we know if we're really getting it? Come and find out, in this playful exploration to increase comfort and fluency in asking for what we desire. Build the rainbow bridge from understanding "consent" as a concept, into full embodiment and expression.