Heartivism & FunRaising


Creative Heartivism is at the heart of every Heart-On offering. Your participation is directly contributing to the well-being of others, and our planet.

Heart-On offers Restorative Wellness sessions free of charge to select NGOs. These sessions give front line activists and advocates tools for self-care, wellness, vitality and health.

FunRaiser Benefit events are donation-based with 100% of proceeds donated to support organizations doing great work in the fields of social and environmental justice. They are designed to be accessible to all people, while raising awareness and cultivating connection in support of these important causes. This alternative gift-economy initiative is inspired by the Non-Violent Communication work of Miki Kashtan

Cacao Ceremony Fun-Raiser Benefit for Sanar Wellness Institute 

Cacao Ceremony Fun-Raiser Benefit for Sanar Wellness Institute 

"FunRaise your Fundraiser" is a multi-purpose service. Interactive and performative joy-making at charity events create deeper relationships with your cause to cultivate greater investment in your organization.

If you would like to have a Restorative Wellness session at your organization, a donation-based FunRaiser Benefit, or "FunRaise you Fundraiser" to increase impact and support at your event, please send Rachel an inquiry below.

Rachel is a wonderful guide and leader...[She] had us all shouting, jumping and laughing with joy and release.
— Jennifer O.

Rachel Santos serves on the Board of Directors for Music on the Inside, which brings music education and mentorship to young people in incarceration. She was also a founding Board member for Sanar Wellness Institute, which provides holistic wellness services to survivors of human trafficking and sexual assault. She is an advocate, supporter, and the official banana bedazzle fairy of Friends of Haiti NY, and she is active for environmental justice causes in her hometown of Newark, NJ and around the world. 


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