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Photo: Nolita Ananda

Photo: Nolita Ananda

Journey though the wondrous landscape of your body to reveal the heavenly treasures and exquisite pleasures you are designed to experience! Taoist and Tantric teachings give us techniques and wisdom to live in harmony, in our totality, with supernova heart-ons that radiate joy, vitality and bliss.


"Ask the Oracle Disco Ball" 

"Ask the Oracle Disco Ball" 

Need someone to activate major heart-on the dance floor, fluff the vibe, and make your event unique and unforgettable? Through curated performances, guests interact more deeply with what the event is all about. Invite, inspire, and cultivate connection through comedic cabaret & theatrical antics.


Greywater Action Install, LA Ecovillage

Greywater Action Install, LA Ecovillage

Heart-On Artivism supports social and environmental justice causes. Benefit events for NGOs, Restorative Wellness for staff, and site-specific eco-design projects contribute to uplift creativity, vitality, and sustainability at your organization. "FunRaise" your Fundraiser" - serious fun for charitable giving!

Heart-On Catalyst

Rachel Santos

I am deeply inspired and guided by the 5 Elements. Elemental systems are the foundation of Tantra, Healing Tao, Shamanic and other ancient, ancestral traditions rooted in the great innate wisdom of Nature.

I love to use sacred silliness as a golden key to unlock the innate joy and creative expression that lives in each of us. As a dedicated advocate for celebration, you will often find me in costume, dancing! All Heart-On activations combine the wisdom of ancient wellness embodiment practices with conscious communication, eco-minded-heart-centered artivism, and joyous fun-making.

I am practitioner of Healing Touch, Reiki, and a huge range of bodywork modalities. I teach Tao Tantric Arts and Universal Healing Tao Chi-Kung, as well as Anahata Yoga and the 5-Element Form: A Dance of Shiva and Shakti. I am trained in Sacred Cacao Dance Ceremony and so much more from my beloved friend and mentor Daisy Kaye. I live in gratitude for all of my guides and teachers in performing arts, dance, ritual, ecology and healing arts.


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